Welcome to the RV Rental Starter Kit

The starter kit provides you with access to all of the additional services you'll need to GROW your RV Rental business!

RV Rental Starter Kit Services

After purchasing the RV Rental Starter Kit, there are other services available that can simplify and automate much of the rental process. The internet has become a primary resource for customers searching for business services, which makes an online presence more important than ever. Imagine having a website that answers the majority of your customers questions, along with availability? Add to that the possibility of tracking customer information, generating contracts automatically, and processing payment through your site. Ease of use and accessibility are factors that customers use to determine who they want to rent from. Choose from a suite of services that will provide you with an online presence within days.

RV Rental Business Tip
The best way to keep your rental vehicle maintained and to manage repair costs while your RV is being rented, is to purchase an Extended Warranty. Adding an Extended Warranty to your vehicle provides you with assurance that you're not going to get stuck with unexpected repairs. Instead, an Extended Warranty allows you to pass the risk and high costs of repairs to the insurance company--separate from your personal auto policy. Additionally, since the purchase is for your RV rental business, it can be used as a tax write off.

To learn about how to add an Extended Warranty to your vehicle we recommend contacting: WholesaleWarranties.net