Welcome to the RV Rental Starter Kit

The starter kit provides you with assistance to manage the daily operations required to start your RV Rental business!

RV Rental Starter Kit Operations

Running the operations of an RV rental company does not need to be complex. Like any business, having a solid foundation of policies and guidelines goes a long way in running your day-to-day activities. Your RV Starter Kit gives you access to an online Operations Manual and instructions from obtaining commercial rental insurance to providing emergency roadside services for your customers. With a reference manual at hand, you can experience a smooth operational flow and be one step ahead at dealing with unexpected situations.

RV Rental Customer Orientation Videos
Another crucial aspect of operating an RV Rental business is providing your customers with a vehicle Orientation. On average, a vehicle orientation will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour for an experience RV renter and as long as 2.5 hours for a first time renter. Because of the deluge of information during the orientation, most renters will only remember about a fraction of what they're taught. Providing an orientation is a costly process for several because it requires more non billable pre-preparation hours for the owner, and if the orientation isn't provided, it also increases the likelihood of the renter causing damage to the vehicle or worse, someone else. So to simplify the orientation process and minimize your exposure to risk, you can add our RV Rental Vehicle Orientation Videos package to with the RV Rental Starter Kit. Our RV Rental Vehicle Orientation Videos provide you with a quick way to guarantee that you've met your responsibility of making sure renters have a basic understanding of how an RV works prior to their departure.

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