RV Rental Starter Kit

RV Rental Starter Kit

Your Starter Kit include EVERYTHING you need:

  1. 1. Over 40 sample forms, contracts, inspection sheets, worksheets, marketing information, etc...
  2. 2. Over 25 RV rental Orientation Videos to help prevent customers from damaging your vehicle...
  3. 3. RV Rental Quick Start Tips and Instructions if you're ready to get started today...

60-Day RV rental listing on OnlineRvRental.com



2-Month Online Access
7.99 thereafter. Cancel anytime.


Franchised RV Rental Starter Kit

ComeGetMyRV Franchise Starter Kit

Includes everything from the Basic Starter Kit, PLUS...

  1. 1. 1 year exclusive Rights to use ComeGetMyRV trademark in your area
  2. 2. 1 year use of ComeGetMyRV broadcast ready TV commercial
    3. 1 year inclusion in Google RV Rental business directory
  3. 4. 1 year use of ComeGetMyRV RV Rental Orientation video
  4. 5. 1 year access to InstantRVRental.com online RV Rental Software
  5. 6. [Your Location].ComeGetMyRV.com web site and domain
    7. 1000 Business card
  6. 9. 700 Direct mail postcards
    8. 500 Brochures
  7. 10. 20 hours of business development training and technical support
ComeGetMyRV Franchise Starter Kit

$3900.00 Annual renewal

RV Rental Starter Kit Reseller and Affiliate Opportunities

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How to Order Your RV Rental Starter Kit!

RV Rental Starter Kit

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