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If you are interested in renting out your Motorhome you have come to the right place!

Like most people, we started our RV Rental business simply because our RV was sitting in storage more than it was being used. A friend suggested we place our RV on Craigslist and make it available for rent, and the phone immediately started ringing off the hook! However, we didn't know the first thing about HOW-TO Rent out our RV, and there were no documents or books available to guide us. So, we jumped into the business mindfully documenting our successes and mistakes, while finding ways to simplify the rental process. In the end, we developed a complete Do-it Yourself RV Rental Kit and RV Rental Software package, called the RV Rental Starter Kit.

With the RV Rental Starter Kit, you can learn from the experience of a company that places a high priority on making sure that you and your vehicle are protected while out on a rental.

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RV Rental Starter Training Operations

Running the operations of an RV rental company does not need to be complex. Like any business, having a solid foundation of policies and guidelines goes a long way in running your day-to-day activities. Your RV Starter Kit gives you access to an online Operations Manual and instructions from obtaining commercial rental insurance to providing emergency roadside services for your customers. With a reference manual at hand, you can experience a smooth operational flow and be one step ahead at dealing with unexpected situations.


RV Rental Starter Kit How-to Documents & Book

The RV Rental Starter Kit gets you on the fast lane to renting out your vehicle(s) by providing you with all the documents that you need to get your business moving. There's a lot to consider and cover during the rental process, which is just one of the reasons that good documentation is essential. Making sure that you are covered, your vehicle, and the customer is a main goal, as well as making sure that the terms and conditions of the rental are clear and understood. In addition to rental documents, the RV Starter Kit enables you to provide a customer binder to assist your customers during their trip. The customer binder is a handy reference, providing the customer with not only their rental information, but also vehicle operating instructions and tips.


RV Rental Starter Kit Online Software Services

After purchasing the RV Rental Starter Kit, there are other services available that can simplify and automate much of the rental process. The internet has become a primary resource for customers searching for business services, which makes an online presence more important than ever. Imagine having a website that answers the majority of your customers questions, along with availability? Add to that the possibility of tracking customer information, generating contracts automatically, and processing payment through your site. Ease of use and accessibility are factors that customers use to determine who they want to rent from. Choose from a suite of services that will provide you with an online presence within days.